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10 Epic Reasons to Surf Morocco

I’m not that good at surfing. I know, I know, when you see this lean athletic body you probably think I would be the next Johnny Utah dropping in on Bodhi and carving up slick swells in a barrel screaming ‘100% pure adrenaline!’ (Keanu Reeves and Patrick Swayze in 1991 surf film Point Break anyone?). Well unfortunately my only experience with the board has been the yearly body-boarding course in tropical Cornwall in South England and even this was limited to how much rain I could handle on the beach. So when bae decided a surf trip in Morocco would be our next big adventure, I was a little sceptical – but BOY was I wrong! We took our trip with Surf Camp Morocco (the first and original camp) and it was one the most memorable experiences we’ve ever had. If you need convincing here are 10 Epic Reasons You Should Surf in Morocco (with Moroccan Surf Adventures).

1. Morocco is a sweet spot for surfers

The calm before the storm

Looking rad just before we wiped out.

Morocco is hailed as one of the best surf spots in the world due to the numerous point breaks on its coast. There is a huge variety of waves that caters for beginners, intermediates and even professionals wanting to tackle fast barreling Killers! Moroccan Surf Adventures is set in a lush, peaceful village named Tamraght in Taghazout where you will live in close proximity with local Moroccans and have spectacular views of the coast and surrounding areas. The unparalleled lessons provided by Moroccan Surf Adventures will have you standing on that board in no time (video to come!)

2. The camp accommodation is unbeaten

Sea view View from our balcony
The camp is large enough to feel like a mansion, but small enough to have an awesome atmosphere and be cosy. There are numerous balconies to socialise in, chill-out rooms to break away from the crowd, and a shared dining room for breakfast and dinner to really get to know the others in your camp.

3. The atmosphere will leave you feeling relaxed and free

Hammock Life

50% chill 50% surf

Everyone who comes to camp have several things in common, they want to enjoy the sun, catch some sick swells and have an awesome time. You are thrown in to an amazing group which is made even better with the incredible attitude of the staff. They are relaxed, upbeat and go out of their way to make you feel welcome. There is an honesty bar which show the laid back aura everyone has. The owners and trainers have hilarious stories and really have experienced some crazy moments which they will readily share with you over a can of brew. The local trainers can also give you the inside track on the country and the Moroccan way of life.

4. Get some authentic Moroccan cooking:

Delicious home-made dishes

Momo making a big entrance

Moroccon Surf Adventures Tagine

Momo is the resident chef for Moroccan Surf Adventures and he will rustle up some authentic home-made Moroccan cuisine for breakfast, lunch and dinner which will make your taste buds water and your stomach ache for more. The kitchens are open so you can always walk in to find out what dishes he is concocting as well as giving you the opportunity to be involved with Morocco’s traditional cooking style; Tagine baby! I will admit though, that the camel dishes were NOT for my taste buds (Those poor chewy mammals).

5. Yoga to get your zen in gear

Yoga prep before the swell

Kicking off number 5 in our 10 epic reasons you should surf in Morocco is; yoga. Right I know, this you’re thinking ‘Get back to the surfing!’, but did you know that incorporating yoga routines into your daily ritual makes you a surfing pro (Crazy right?!). Not only does it balance your chi, it also stretches out those muscles needed to swim, stand, balance and manoeuvre the board around the surf. Rosannah, the resident yogi provides challenging but relaxing routines before breakfast and in the evening on the terrace overlooking the coast. She’ll have you learning the difference between downward dog, camel and chair in no time. (Those are poses by the way.)

6. Beaches, sun and heat to your sun’s content

Chill Surf Morocco Volleyball Surf Morocco

Typically when you’re heading to a surfing holiday, there’s bound to be a decent beach on the shore. Well Tamraght gives you a choice of about 15 beaches each with some dandy names from the mediocre sounding Camel beach and Banana Point to the downright fear-inducing Killers and Draculas beach. These stretch of sand span out for miles with perfect weather to boot. Morccoco was also the one and only time where my Mauritian friend and I got sun-burnt and we had no idea that was even possible! Top tip: ALWAYS wear sunscreen.

7. Mint tea, Nuts and Camel Rides

Mint Tea Surf Morocco

Our resident Mint Tea man

Camel Surf Morocco

‘Aloose…kakuette!’ The takeaway phrase that we learnt from Morocco was due to the morocco merchants strolling the sand peddling their peanuts and almonds and they were delicious! There were others serving up Mint Tea in plastic cups and letting you jump on their camels (or horses) for very reasonable prices. They are also very open on sharing their personal story with you and sharing a bit of the Moroccan culture.

8. Local Sports Massages & Henna

Mr Magic Hands at Work

Mr Magic Hands at Work

After a long hard day on the surf a local under the name of ‘Magic Hands’ comes along and provides sports massages for as little as £10. Though if you are a little self-conscious be wary with your pals staring at you throughout this experience (as you can see above). For the ladies local women also turn up to offer a little decorative henna not all that different to that in India.

9. Agadir for Hammam and Souk

Getting your 5 a day Souk style

Getting your 5 a day Souk style

Okay, so what do you do when you don’t want to surf day and night and need a break from the salty seas? Well lucky for your Taghazout is only 30 minutes away from Agadir where you’ll experience the city life of Morocco. Explore the Souks and haggle for saffron or really experience the local life and get some mud exfoliation action with a Hammam.

10. Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley Hike

Paradise Valley Oasis

A little paradise between the hills

A place we would never have thought to visit but took our breaths away. Moroccan Surf Adventures took us for a trip to Paradise valley, which does not describe a specific place, but a journey through different scenery and locations. Hiking through the dry and barren snaking valleys and past the makeshift resting huts in the mountains you are introduced to a stunning oasis where revelers can relax, swim and even catch tortoises. It’s a perfect contrast to a long week of surfing.

There you have my 10 Epic Reasons To Surf in Morocco. I hope that has peaked your curiosity, even if you’re not a water baby! The ability to balance surfing, soul-searching, sun and sea and explore the uncommon parts of Morocco will leave you wanting to search for your next surf spot in no time. Just be wary of the camel sandwiches. Peace out dude!

Have you guys surfed before? Which were the best spots that you’ve found? Would you love to try a camel sandwich? (Yuck!) Love to know your thoughts below!

“Fear causes hesitation, and hesitation will cause your worst fears to come true.”

Note: I am in no way affiliated to Morocco Surf Adventure (as much as it may sound!) My friends and I just had an awesome time and wanted to spread the word!

Location: Taghazout, Morocco
Language: Arabic
How To Get Around: Minibus, taxis
Currency: MAD Moroccan Dirham
Protected currency- exchange when you are there and OUTSIDE the terminal building cheaper rates sneaky!
Best Bits: Surfing, Paradise Valley, Mud-Slapped in the Hammam
Be Wary: Sneaky Morocco Prices ‘free’ means ‘£6’, Camel Sandwiches
I Visited: May 2015

10 reasons to surf morocco