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Watch: Moroccan Surf Adventures

210 Mint Teas, 10 beaches, 8 surf amateurs, 7 days, 3 camel rides and 1 epic trip. 

Did you know morocco is a hot spot for surfing? Now that you’ve had 10 reasons to hit the board and the beach maybe this video will inspire you to try something different and surf in Morocco. Here is a snippet of my trip with Moroccan Surf Adventures, notice the insane swells we’re catching (joking). (I’m totally still working on my video filming and editing skills, so forgive the amateur work!)

What do you make of the video? Do you think you’ll hit up the Moroccan beaches and catch some gnarly waves? How cute is that kitten? Would you love to hear your feedback on the video below!

‘No problem is so big or so complicated that it can’t be run away from’

 – Miki Dora

Location: Taghazout, Morocco
How To Get Around: Minibus, taxis
Currency: MAD Moroccan Dirham
Best Bits: Surfing, Paradise Valley, Making Pals with the Street Animals
Be Wary: Camel Sandwiches
I Visited: May 2015