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Nosh Review: Hot Buns

For me a sure fire way to fix an unrelenting hangover is to grab some much needed-nutrition, usually in the form of some grease-laden burger, though try as I might on this frosty Copenhagen morning, most establishments are shut. Is a burger at 10 am too much to ask for?

Through our sluggish crawl along the perpetually infinite Gothersgade street, I was about to give up all hope when in the distance I spotted a sign. ‘Hot Buns‘.

There were two ways that this could have played out, but I knew either connotation of Hot Buns would have left me equally happy.

The burger saviour had shown itself. The restaurant was kitsch and comfortable with impeccable service as is the Danish way.

Lunch was fairly pricey as you have to order all the components of the meal separately (I despise this trend). And as usual my eyes betrayed the size of my stomach (as is the way) and I over-indulged; burger, fries, dipping sauce and some sweet home-made lemonade.

Nosh Review Hot Buns

Top Aesthetics


An American-style delight. It had all the components of perfect home-made lemonade with a balance of tart, sweet and refreshing. It’s definitely what was needed after a big night.

Fries & Dip

Fries were outstanding and cooked to perfection, whilst I ordered the ‘Baked Garlic Creme’ because I frankly had no idea what it was. Glad that I did as the punchy garlic complemented the fries.


‘The Mexican’ burger was well put together, however beyond the aesthetics it was underwhelming. The burger under cooked, the bun stale and when the relish comes with jalapenos and salsa I expect to taste the spice of the peppers playing with the tanginess of the salsa, but all that dangled on my taste buds was an uninspired and tasteless burger.


An expensive lunch with great condiments let down by the main event. I hope that this may have been a bad batch as I have read some great reviews of Hot Buns. In the meantime though I’ll have to get my burger fix elsewhere.

Note. The Hot Buns also refers to the scantily clad ladies showing off their fair share of Buns. Presumably you may have worked that out.

Double Note. This was also the place where I first eye’d some professional food instagrammers and managed to get some food taking tips. 

Whats your hangover food? Are burgers really the best thing in the world? Don’t answer that, yes they are. 

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