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7 Reasons Why You Will Love Rugby Sevens

Are you a sports fan? No? Well neither am! Sure I’ve done my stint cheerleading (true story), but had never really enjoyed watching sports, but as the finals of the Rugby Sevens was being played right on my doorstep in Twickenham Rugby Stadium and all the hubbub about how mental it gets I decided to don my rugby cap, buy 11 tickets and head on over. Boy-oh-boy was it immense, if you are ever sitting on the fence, or not a huge sports fan let me convince you with 7 Reasons Why You Will Love Rugby Sevens.

1. Fancy Dress

Yes. A Rugby Sevens tradition, fancy dress have become an integral part of the celebration and games adding to the insane atmosphere of the stadium. There are usually themes which the stadiums accompany the festivities however this year Twickenham wanted to move the focus from drinking ourselves into a stupor (typical Brit) to more family oriented affair by removing the fancy dress themes (doesn’t make sense to me), however the fancy dress army were still enforce.

Rugby sevens fancy dress pokemon

Anyone born in the 90’s who doesn’t get this? I’m ashamed of you!

Rugby Sevens Fancy Dress PokemonRugby Sevens Fancy Dress Minions

Rugby Sevens Fancy Dress Alice
2. International Community

Rugby Sevens is attracting more and more international recognition for a sport that is easy to pick up and a spectacle to watch. The games have made its round the world trip with matches played in Dubai, Las Vegas, Hong Kong along with 7 other countries followed by its legions of international fans who love the game and the party that comes along with it. It’s common to see flags supporting various international teams in the stadium.

Rugby Sevens Fans

We even had a casual visit from Mr Trump himself

There was even a lone lady behind us (it was 10 am) screaming her lungs out for South Africa proudly waving her flag for the solid 20 minutes. That is country pride right there.

3. It’s an Olympic Sport

Rio 2016 will be the first time the Rugby Sevens shows it’s colours and if it’s a sport in the Olympic you KNOW you’re in for a treat (apart from Golf, no idea how that got in there.) So prior to things kicking off there you have time to figure out how it’s played and what exactly is happening, which bring me to my next point…

4. You Don’t Have To Know What’s Going On

I know almost nothing about Rugby Sevens, but you’ll learn everything you need when watching. It’s fast-paced, hard-hitting with major points scored without the bore of waiting for line outs and decisions to be made. You only have to keep your attention for 20 minutes with 7 minutes each side and in that short-a-time players do not want to mess around poncing around with the ball. It’s exciting from start to end and you can fell it in the crowd

Also because there are only 7 players on each side, it leaves room for some absolutely ridiculous plays!

5. The atmosphere

Whether you like the sport or not the atmosphere in the stadium is infectious (could be the liquid courage). Surrounded by fans dressed in trump outfits, Mexicans, mermaids, where’s Wally’s, cheerleaders, mascots, kiss cams and bongo cams (no idea what this was about) you can’t help but cheer like a maniac when your team home team comes on or even when a rival team carries out a spectacular try (goal). It’s loud, its crazy, you’ll get involved, I promise.

Rugby Sevens England Mascot

I’m jealous of this Pit Bulls Pecs.

6. The party after the party

What happens when you’ve spent 10 hours drinking, screaming and making friends with your new international rivals? Continue that into the night at the series of events and celebrations that happen post-games. In London there were plenty of bars and clubs that threw deals together for those specifically in fancy dress (I hooked us up guest list at Clapham Grand – a fine establishment) and I’ve heard there were plenty more insane celebrations after the games around the globe with Las Vegas, Wellington and Hong Kong being the ones to watch.

7. Something for the Ladies

I’m not going to pretend to know the men on the pitch, but there were some seriously handsome blokes sporting their country colours. According to bae rugby guys are the bomb, so I’ll just leave that here for all my lady readers.

Have you been to a Rugby Sevens game? How would you describe the beautiful sport? Any other sports I should check out as well (not golf please)? Let me know below!

“Hockey is a sport for white men. Basketball is a sport for black men. Golf is a sport for white men dressed like black pimps.”

Tiger Woods