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Who is Asian Boy Astray?

Oh Hi there! Welcome to my little piece of the internet. My name is Akid, let’s be friends?

So how did you find your way over here? No matter, I’m happy that you did, but you’re probably wondering who is this guy with his little tales…well sit down little poppets, its story time.

The Early Years

My early years were spent playing in the drains of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (to the dismay of my mum) with mornings spent learning, reading and writing and afternoons in prayer and learning Arabic. Born to a Malay father and Chinese mum and living in this multi-cultural playground provided me priceless experiences and an open-mind and this is where I spent the first 7 years of my life.


White shoes + Drains = Big No No.

But for those that have met me, they always question my British accent (and my passport status). Well when my Mum remarried we moved back to my stepdads home in Salisbury in the UK. Quiet, serene, full of old people…it was a shock to the system for a city boy and I craved the city life again. London was my goal.

Present Day

Fast forward to present day, I’m more Westernised than ever, have a profound appreciation for burgers, a degree in Chemical Engineering and secured a sweet job in the Big Smoke. My weekends are spent lost in London boroughs and searching out weekend city trips on Skyscanner, I truly love it, but yet something feels missing.

Some time ago, just before graduation an epic South East Asia trip gave me a new perspective on life. That time showed me freedom, adventure and an immersion to new experiences and unfamiliar sights and sounds. This is how I want to live my life and this is my new goal.


Adopted into my new family

Despite my propensity for being disorganised the goal of Asian Boy Astray is to chronicle the fortunes and mishaps of balancing a career with travel and attempting to make travel a long-term affair, with additional meandering thoughts thrown into the mix.

If you fancy having a little chinwag about energy infrastructure or more fun stuff like the best burger bars and which city has the cheapest beers you can reach me on all the usual; FacebookTwitter, Instagram, Bloglovin and Pintrest. I’m pretty new to the travel scene so take this journey with me and let’s share some memories together.

‘Better to see something once than to hear about it 1000 times’

Asian Proverb